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Did you know that camel crickets just when scared? Also, centipedes carry venom that is generally harmless to humans, but can kill prey like cockroaches and moths. These are just a few of the many interesting facts to know about common household pests. As annoying as these insects might be, you have to admit they are also intriguing. If you would like to learn more about common household pests, and also about the people who work to eliminate them, then welcome to this website about pest control. The more you know about the enemy, the better you'll be able to fight them.


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3 Pest Control Tips For Spring

Spring flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping (loudly), the trees are beginning to bud and sprout leaves, and the bugs are beginning to make an appearance as well. Pests around your house are awakening in the spring, which is why you're suddenly seeing so many wasps, bees, ants and flies. All of these pests can make your spring awakening a little less exciting. To help keep you excited about spring and less worried about the pests, read on for tips to help you with pest control during this time.

1. Bees And Wasps

Honey bees shouldn't be considered pests, although they can be a nuisance when they've built a nest right outside your porch entrance and you aren't able to go outside. Bees are responsible for the beauty you see outside — the trees blooming, the flowers blossoming — but they can still be a nuisance. To help get rid of the bees, it's best to hire a pest control company for help in removing the nest and taking it safely elsewhere. 

Wasps, on the other hand, are a major nuisance. They make their nests wherever they want and will sting if they feel threatened. They do not serve the same purpose as bees. You can attempt to get rid of wasps on your own, but you need to do so in the evening when they aren't so active. Use a commercial wasp spray and spray their nest at night. Be sure to smash the nest and kill any wasps that were in it. 

2. Ants

Ants can ruin your day when you pull out the peanut butter in your pantry, only to find ants crawling all over the jar. Gross, right? Ants can get into your home very easily and stake claim in your pantry, counter, cabinets, bathroom and just about anywhere else they want to get into. They can be tricky to get rid of, as you need to kill their nest and the queen, not just the worker ants you see foraging for food (on your jar of peanut butter). Using toxic baits to kill ants is a good way to achieve this, and these baits can be found at your local hardware store. Set the traps where you have spotted the ants so they take the bait back to their nest and, hopefully, kill their queen and the rest of the colony.

3. Flies

Flies may seem harmless, and they mostly are, although larger flies can be bothersome while you're trying to eat your lunch on your patio. To help you get rid of the flies, be sure you are throwing your trash into a container that is sealed tightly. Move the garbage away from where you are going to be eating your lunch, and clean up after yourself. Spills should be wiped up immediately, as flies and other pests will use this for food. You can also hang a clear plastic lunch baggie with water and a penny to help keep flies away from your home. Hang one of these bags in a doorway to keep them at bay. Tiny flies, such as fruit flies, are going to be near fruit and other moist areas, such as on plants and in planters. Keep these away from where you are eating as well.

If you have any of these pest problems, you can hire a pest control company to help you get back to enjoying the spring sunshine.