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Did you know that camel crickets just when scared? Also, centipedes carry venom that is generally harmless to humans, but can kill prey like cockroaches and moths. These are just a few of the many interesting facts to know about common household pests. As annoying as these insects might be, you have to admit they are also intriguing. If you would like to learn more about common household pests, and also about the people who work to eliminate them, then welcome to this website about pest control. The more you know about the enemy, the better you'll be able to fight them.


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Lawn Treatments Help You Grow A Beautiful Lawn While Controlling Pests In Your Yard And Home

If you have regular pest control treatments for your house, you know how nice it is to live without being bothered by bugs. You may not realize your lawn needs regular pest treatments, too. Treating your lawn helps keep bugs out of your house, and it helps your grass to stay healthier, too. Here's how lawn treatment services could benefit your property.

Regular Treatments Prevent Infestations

Getting lawn treatments from a professional ensures the right products are applied during the right time of year to control a variety of lawn pests. Lawn pests kill the grass by eating the roots or blades depending on the type of pest involved.

Worms, grubs, moths, beetles, and other bugs can infest your lawn and attract birds that do further damage. Keeping the pests away helps grow stronger and healthier grass. When your grass is lush and healthy, it can ward off infestations better, and healthy grass helps control bugs and weeds.

Targeted Treatments Get Rid Of Infestations

Some pests that invade your home come in from their homes outside. By targeting a colony of ants outdoors, there will be fewer ants to get inside your house. When your yard has an infestation, the lawn treatment service might need to apply treatments more often to get the pests under control and then go back to a regular schedule of treatments.

Treatments Get Rid Of Bothersome Bugs

Outdoor pests not only kill your grass and invade your home, but they can also bother your pets and family. Bugs like fire ants, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks can bite and make the outdoors miserable. When you have a problem with mosquitoes or fleas, lawn treatments can help eradicate the annoying pests.

You'll probably need special treatments since traditional lawn treatments may not work on mosquitoes and similar pests. However, no matter what type of annoying, dangerous, or destructive pests you have in your yard, lawn treatments can help.

If you've never had lawn treatments before, the treatment service will probably start with an assessment to determine what kind of pests are a problem. This helps the service develop a plan for eliminating the bugs or worms and then keep them away.

You might need monthly treatments or treatments less often. If the health of your grass is your main concern, you might also want additional treatments for weed control and fertilization so your grass stays as healthy as possible. In addition, make sure you always mow your grass with sharp blades because blades with ragged edges are easier for insects to infest and harm. When your grass is healthy, lawn pests have a harder time getting established.

Reach out to a local lawn treatment service to learn more about the subject.