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Did you know that camel crickets just when scared? Also, centipedes carry venom that is generally harmless to humans, but can kill prey like cockroaches and moths. These are just a few of the many interesting facts to know about common household pests. As annoying as these insects might be, you have to admit they are also intriguing. If you would like to learn more about common household pests, and also about the people who work to eliminate them, then welcome to this website about pest control. The more you know about the enemy, the better you'll be able to fight them.


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Bed Bugs 101: What Your Pest Control Contractor Wants You To Know

Most everyone knows what bed bugs are, but many people have no idea how to recognize them, or what to do if they have them. Unfortunately, misinformation is rampant when it comes to bed bugs, which contributes to this problem. Your local pest control contractor wants you to understand the truth about these pests. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to understand about bed bugs before you call a local pest control contractor.

Bed Bugs Aren't Impossible To See

Bed bugs have a reputation for being so small that they are nearly impossible to see. The truth is that bed bugs aren't so small that you can't see them, nor do you need a magnifying glass to do so. Most fully-grown bed bugs are about the size of fruit seeds. They only get the reputation for being hard to see because they hide well, but this has led many to believe that they are just too small to see. The reality is that, if you have bed bugs, you'll be sure to see one.

Bed Bugs Aren't Drawn By Dirt

Sometimes, people think that bed bugs only appear in homes where the house hasn't been properly cared for and is dirty. The truth is that your housekeeping skills have no effect on whether or not you'll get bed bugs. These pests are small enough to burrow into almost anything, so you could carry them into your home in a box or bag, or even on your pant leg. Bed bugs thrive where they can find food, not in homes that aren't regularly cleaned.

Bed Bugs Are Highly Problematic

Sometimes, people dismiss bed bugs as nothing to worry about, or they mistakenly assume that bed bugs will just go away on their own. The truth is that bed bug infestations are extremely difficult to get rid of without professional intervention. A pest control contractor is your best solution when you're dealing with these little nuisances.

You don't want to ignore an infestation, either. Bed bugs can carry diseases, and they can cause all sorts of health concerns if you don't address the problem as soon as possible. The sooner you call a pest control contractor, the easier it will be to eliminate the problem.

These are some of the most important things for you to know about bed bugs, especially if you have reason to believe that you have an infestation. Reach out to a local pest control contractor today for more help and to have your home inspected for signs of bed bugs.