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The Intrigue of Pests

Did you know that camel crickets just when scared? Also, centipedes carry venom that is generally harmless to humans, but can kill prey like cockroaches and moths. These are just a few of the many interesting facts to know about common household pests. As annoying as these insects might be, you have to admit they are also intriguing. If you would like to learn more about common household pests, and also about the people who work to eliminate them, then welcome to this website about pest control. The more you know about the enemy, the better you'll be able to fight them.


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Lawn Treatments Help You Grow A Beautiful Lawn While Controlling Pests In Your Yard And Home

If you have regular pest control treatments for your house, you know how nice it is to live without being bothered by bugs. You may not realize your lawn needs regular pest treatments, too. Treating your lawn helps keep bugs out of your house, and it helps your grass to stay healthier, too. Here's how lawn treatment services could benefit your property. Regular Treatments Prevent Infestations Getting lawn treatments from a professional ensures the right products are applied during the right time of year to control a variety of lawn pests. Read More 

Termites And Your New Home Purchase: 4 Things To Look For

If you are in the market for a new home, then you need to be cautious when it comes to termites. Although a standard home inspection may catch these pests, it's a good idea to hire a pest control expert to perform a termite inspection if you are buying in an area at high risk of pests. The pest professional will be looking for a few things. 1. Internal Wood Damage Read More 

Ant Control Tips For Apartment Dwellers

Finding ants in your home is always a bit disheartening. Even though ants are not as dangerous as many other pests, they can spread contamination — and you simply don't want them crawling across your food or your dishes. So, what should you do if your apartment seems to be overrun by ants all of the sudden? Start by following these tips. Set out baits near your doorway Many pests are well fought with insecticides and traps. Read More 

How Do I Get Bed Bugs Under Control?

If you have found bed bugs in your home or apartment, resist the urge to move immediately. There are a few things you can do to get bed bugs under control. Bed bugs are tiny insects that live in fabrics and come out at night to bite victims. They can be difficult to get rid of, but it is possible to get the problem under control. Dismantle Beds One of the first things you need to do is strip your bed and take it apart, along with any other beds you suspect may be infested with bed bugs. Read More 

Preventing And Treating A Termite Infestation

A termite is an incredibly destructive insect. For any homeowner that wants to protect their home, an active stance in the prevention and treatment of a termite infestation is critical. To make certain you are on track to protect your home, be sure that you are informed.  Control Moisture Moisture problems and termite infestation easily go hand-in-hand because the insect has an attraction to moisture. Routinely inspect the interior and exterior of your home for leaking pipes and standing water. Read More